Arris Schaap

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Long time friend, and respected musician/mentor/teacher Arris Schaap is one of those guitarist with many flavours in taste of music.
He use to prefer the Stones over the Beatles, but when you hear is aproach of playing those Fab Four songs, you won’t notice anything of that.
Beside that Arris is a gifted jazz/fusion guitarist with a drop of Lukather, Ronnie Earl and Mike Stern.
The past five years, Arris was a member of 60’s ‘popgroup’ Levy Joe, where he does the main guitarparts and lots of (backing) vocals.
Recently Arris ask us to make a shockmount 19″ rack, for his beloved KOCH KV50 rackamp.

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12 hours before New Years eve, Arris came by to pick it up, and brought a very nice supprise!! A very good bottle of Champagne!!

Thanks Arris, we wish you a great musical 2015, and see you soon!!

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