• Where does the term ‘Moonspinner’ come from?
    Answer: One evening, somewhere in 1995, I was a coughpotato, and
    watching some TV. Zapping around I found a movie on the MGM channel.
    The movie, based on a book (1962), was named “The Moonspinners”
    The story goes about two girlfriends who are goïng to Greece…..
    I was so impressed by the imaginative name, that I didn’t even saw the end of
    the movie. I decided to use the term Moonspinner(s) for several ideas.
    So, when my wife and I gave a weddingparty, I decided to create a band with
    my best friends to play at my own wedding. and we called ourself
    “The Moonspinners”
  • How long is Moonspinner Custom Gear been around?
    Answer: Although I’ve been doïng this for a long time, just for friends and
    relatives, we basicly, officialy, started the company in July 2014
  • Why do I need to buy a Spatula?
    Answer: While baking, did you ever try to turn a pancake with bare hands?
    Check out this video, to see why you have to leave the one you have in the drawer) (hyperlink)
  • How can I become a dealer?
    Answer: That’s easy. Just check the Dealers page. Fill in the fields with your detailed dealer information and comment, and we’ll contact you.as soon as possible.
  • Why can’t I buy the standard pedalboards directly on the website?
    Answer: We need dealers to promote our pedalboards. They spent time and money in helping us grow. So, to protect the bussiness of our dealers, we thought it would be fair to give our dealers the exclusive right to sell those standard models. You can always contact us to ask for customwork though. So, if your biggest wish is to have a 200 x 15 centimeter pedalboard, please let us know.
  • What to do when my pedalboard or other items decide it’s time to break up?
    answer: As an enduser or dealer, please always contact us first. Return your purchase without noticing us first will not be accepted. No exceptions!!


You will have warranty for two years. The warranty will cover defects in materials and workmanship. Moonspinner Custom Gear shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damage to persons or property caused by use, abuse, misuse, or improper storage or transport of the purchased item.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. This warranty shall not apply to any goods that have been altered or modified by anyone other than Moonspinner Custom Gear or it’s authorized repair or modification agents.

All warranties are valid to the original purchaser only and not transferable. To make a warranty claim you must contact Moonspinner Custom Gear by email at: info@moonspinnercustomgear.com Email your request along with proof of purchase and photos of the defect. We will try to reply within 48 hours with instructions on how to proceed. At our discretion we will replace or repair and return your purchase at no additional charge to you. Moonspinner custom gear can not be charged for shippingcost, for recieving the item. In other words, sending us your purchase, is at your own risk and costs.

Air travel note: Moonspinner Custom Gear product warranties do not cover damage caused by airline baggage services. If your equipment should ever be damaged by airline baggage handlers, you should make a claim with the carrier immediately. Do not leave the airport until you have done so. Most airlines will accept full responsibility for damages and will usually replace your equipment if given the opportunity. Once you leave the baggage claim area they are no longer obligated to accept responsibility. ”

  • Where can I find the official Terms & Conditions?
    answer: a list of Terms & Conditions can be send to you on request. Please send an email to info@moonspinnercustomgear.com
  • Does Han Solo play leadguitar, and how does he understand Chewbacca?
    Answer: …….
  • What happens if you shave Chewbacca?
    Answer: RUN!!!
  • What’s the “Lift, Plug & Play” system?
    Answer: In combination with our DS Custom interfaces, Sommercable multicable or Lava Cable 6 channel loom, and easy to open case, you’re ready in no-time. The height of the base is about 4 centimeters. So, that’s much lower than your average pedalboard flightcase. This means you can leave your board in the case, which saves time..
  • Can I visit Moonspinner Custom Gear?
    Answer: Sure, you can. We don’t have an actual store with visiting or opening hours, but e-mail or call us and we’ll make an appointment. We have great coffee, and if you’re lucky a nice cookie.
  • Why do I need to put my drives before my reverb?
    Answer: Imagine your drivechannel or pedal is a sharp knife. Then imagine your reverb as some airy whipped cream. Now, try to make nice thin but solid slices….. get it? For more advise on how to make the perfect effectpedal chain, please check out the Customshop & Consultancy page


For any other questions see our support page, and feel free to send us a message.