Jop van Summeren (De Staat)

Jop van Summeren-04-groot

One of the coolest bassists on the whole planet, Jop van Summeren, of the highly succesfull band De Staat, asked us to build him a pedalboard. Jop is a real soundwizzard, and knows exactly what he wants, and how to get the best out of his pedals. We build this highly custom pedalboard, with loads of goodies under the hood. (Like a Boss RC-50 loopstation, DI’s, powerbanks, etc etc.) Together with Jop we installed it with all his stuff, and that was fun!!

Jop van Summeren-03 Jop van Summeren-02 Jop van Summeren-01

Recently De staat finished their European tour as the support act for Muse. Because of logistic isseus Jop needed to use a smaller pedalboard, but it’s all about the music. So we stiil support him in all the ways we can.

                                                                Jop van Summeren-7  Jop van Summeren-06