Like said before, our boards in flightcases are already lightweighted.
But in a lot of occasions you don’t always need a hardcase.
Imagine goïng to walk to a gig or rehearsal, or you go on your bike.
A hardcase is not the most handy item to carry around then.
You need a more simple solution, and we decided to help you with a re-invented bag for pedalboards.
We’re all aware of the existing bags on the market, but they are all made for carrying with one hand or with one belt over one shoulder.
Experience learns this…. “Ouch, it hurts after a few miles” And if you’re unlucky, like me, in the past, the belt will break, and your expensive gear will drop the floor… That hurts even more..
Moonspinner Custom Gear is the first one who makes pedalboard in softcases like a heavy duty backpack, with a lot of protecting foam, all around your pedalboard, sturdy zippers and comfortable padded belts.
There’s also enough space in the lid to hide your extra’s, like cables, papers, etc, etc.
Currently there are two models in production. They will include our two most populair sizes of pedalboards.
We suspect to recieve those softcases beginning of 2015. Other models will be available in a later stadium.
All of the Moonspinner Custom Gear pedalboards are made of Con Pearl – Light Weight Polypropylene Board.
By using this very light material we can reduse the weight of a heavy-duty flightcase with 25% – 40% compared to other populair brands in the market.
CON Pearl is made out of 80% recycled materials, in honor our commitment to a greener planet.
Each pedalboard is coated with a layer of high quality velcro and is equipped with one or more risers.
Each pedalboard includes enough 3M Dual Lock to stick to all your pedals. (See the future comming instruction video to be sure how to make the best and most sturdy combination)
To customise your board you can purchase several other standard risers, or ask for a custom made one, and make the board specific to your needs.

Please notice that those standard pedalboards are only available through selected dealers, and can not be purchased directly. Please check the DEALER list for a dealer near you.
We hope the list will grow, ofcourse, but if you can not find your dealer in the list, please send us an email containing the following details about your prefered dealer.
Requested is the name and address of the dealer, phonenumber and e-mail address,
We’re glad to contact your dealer.
Ofcourse you may also ask your dealer to contact us!
Custom orders (hyperlink naar custom pedalboards) and other items on the website which are not exclusively marked for dealers, can be purchased directly or by email.
But ofcourse your dealer would be happy to take your order too.
Please read the rules for custom orders in our Customshop & Consultancy part.
Custom softcases / bags can NOT be ordered…

These padded shoulderstraps won’t hurt you..
Because of the two shoulder straps, the weight is evenly distributed and the risk of breaking is minimized.
Beside that, your pedalboard will most likely be heavier than your guitar, and so prefered to be caried on your bag.

Each pedalboard comes with at least one or two risers. The highest riser is high enough to hide most of the populair powersupplies underneath..
If your powersupply is wider like the most ones (like a Pedalpower Mundo) you can easily remove one of the blocks. Don’t forget to use 3M Dual lock to keep the powersupply sticky.
For custom risers (higher, lower, wider, deeper, triangle…) please check the partslist or contact us to discuss your wishes.

Our softcases are supplied with a heavy duty zipper, ready for thousands times of intense zipping

The stitching of the beltconnections on our softcases is tested for heavy usage.
Our biggest model can carry up to 30kg!!

Pedal board options

1: Pedalboard Softcase Lite 40 x 30 (Item: PBSC-4030)
Boardsize 40 x 30 centimeter (15.75” x 11.80”)
1 x riser panel 36 centimeter (including riserblocks & screws)
40 centimeter 3m Dual lock
The firsts models will come with a slightly bigger softcase, from the PBSC, but the extra space will be filled with some extra foam.
Available from beginning of 2015. Matching bag available from mid 2015.
Price €139,-
*Only available through your dealer.

2: Pedalboard Softcase Lite 50 x 30 (Item: PBSC-5030)
Boardsize 50 x 35 centimeter (19.68” x 11.80”)
1 x riser panel 46 centimeter (including riserblocks & screws)
50 centimeter 3m Dual lock
Comes with a sturdy matching softcase.
Price €149,-
*Only available through your dealer. (beginning 2015)

3: Pedalboard Softcase Lite 65 x 45 (Item: PBSC-6045)
Boardsize 65 x 45 centimeter (25.59” x 17.72”)
1 x riser panel 61 centimeter (including riserblocks & screws)
1 x riser panel 40 centimeter (including riserblocks & screws)
80 centimeter 3m Dual lock
Comes with a sturdy matching softcase.
Price €179,-
*Only available through your dealer. (beginning 2015)