Moonspinner Custom Gear basically sells throughout Europe through dealers. In some occassions we also sell directly. Like parts, cables & custom made products, or if there’s really no dealer near you.

Looking for a dealer?

If you like our products and want to now how and where to purchase them, check the dealerlist below.
The list will hopefully grow soon, but if your dealer is not in the list, please fill in the requested fields below, as complete as possible, and let us know who your prefered dealer is.
If possible, please give us the name of you and your dealer, plus e-mailaddress and phonenumber, and we’ll contact both you and your dealer, and we’ll figure out how to make you both happy.

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Becoming a dealer?

Moonspinner Custom Gear is always looking for new dealers. If you want to become a dealer, please contact us by filling in the fields below, as complete as possible, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please also leave your phonenumber We might call you, because we always like to have personal contact too..

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