Maarten Ouweneel (O’G3NE / Ralph de Jongh)

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Maarten Ouweneel is one Dutch treasure. Great guitarist who’s do├»ng more and more sessions. For the last past years he’s playing with populair group, named O’G3NE (‘Ogene’) based around three singing lady’s. But recently also a leading role in a band with Ralph de Jongh

Maarten came to us, and directly we did find out our mutual passion for the guitarplaying of Mike Landau, who’s repertoire is easily copied by Maarten. When he expained his gear, and his needs, we did build those Wet/Dry boards for him, in the thoughts of Mr. landau himself. We used Mogami cable to connect everything, to make it loud, but mostly clear!!

Maarten Ouweneel-01 Maarten Ouweneel-03 Maarten Ouweneel-04

Maarten Ouweneel-02