So, you placed all your pedals on your board, and everything looks neat.
What’s next? Somewhere you must have this box of rainbow colored patchcables.
Oh, and some spare guitar cables will do the job….. End result? A mess on your board and on stage. But most of all, a crappy sound!!
A lot of artist still seem to spent thousand’s on the best guitars, amps and pedals, but don’t realise good cables are the vains of your equipment.
Moonspinner Custom Gear can help you with that. Not only do we sell high quality cables, but we can also help you building a sound. Check the Customshop & Consultancy page for more info.
Below you can find a selected Group of products we sell. If there’s anything else you’re looking for, don’t hessitate to ask!

It all starts here. The signal which comes from your guitar or bass.
Get the best out of your guitar and please, invest in a high quality guitarcable.
You will notice the differance. Maybe not directly, but play for an hour and then go back to your old cheap cable. You will be shocked!!
That’s why we choose for Evidence & Mogami Cable.

The second step is your board. Ofcourse, the more pedals you use, the more cable you need…But see this as one large cable. Everybody knows the longer a cable is, how much more signal you loose. If you use about 8 pedals, you easilly need about two or three meters of extra cable. So, here it is again, invest in good cables, and don’t see them as an side item, where quality doesn’t matter, because the’re just short cables. You can have €2500 worth of pedals. If your patchcables are crappy, so will be your sound.
For patchcables we choose for Sommercable, Lava High End Ultrmafic Cable and George L Solderless cable on request.

The last step is way from your pedalboard to your amp (and back, if you’re lucky)
Especially for those who are Lucky. You may invest in something great!!!
How annoying is it when you have to connect everything from your pedalboard to your amp, and see, at least 4 cables running across the stage?
Don’t you wish there was a sollution for that? Running just one cable with every line in there…
Evidence & Sommercable are both making the perfect cable for this, and we sell them!!
See below for specifications.

We make several powercables for on your pedalboard. Conneting two Pedalpowers? From EURO to Powercon? We make them all. There are standard models, but we do custom orders too.

Don’t hesitate to ask.

When we just started, en decided to create a Facebook account, Evidence  was one of the first companies who ‘liked’ us. This shows how Facebook Works. Our interest was clearly aroused, and we came in contact. After a full day digging through their catalog, we found so much nice items, we must have!! So, after the first order arived we started testing, and were completely blown away.

Evidence is just the best and most affordable cable for the quality we’re searching for. That’s why!

Please contact us for the latest prices on Evidence & Mogami Cable

Why Evidence? Why Mogami?

When there’s not so much space on your pedalboard, or you’re not that good at soldering, Evidence SIS in combination with Monorail cable, is the best solution for a quick and easy instalment of your board.
Since Moonspinner Custom Gear is only goïng for the best, we did choose to only sell the highest range of Evidence Audio products.

Beside that, we also offer another great brand, Mogami. So if you more into soldered cables, or you want a decent  Multi / Snake cable. We will make it with Mogami, in combination with Neutrik…. ofcourse!

Evidence Audio SISKIT+ (8 solderless plugs, 4ft monorail cable) €65,-

Evidence Audio SIS30+ (30 solderless plugs, 30ft monorail cable) €265,-

Evidence Audio SIS100+ (100 solderless plugs, 100ft monorail cable) €895,-

Evidence Monorail cable per meter €6,90

Evidence SIS solderless plug per stuk €7.50


Please inform for every other type of Evidence Audio cable.

Moonspinner Custom Gear power cables

We make several powercables for on your pedalboard.
Conneting two Pedalpowers? From EURO to Powercon?

We make them all. There are standard models, but we do custom orders too. Don’t hessitate to ask

See below some of the available cables

Specs per item: 

Item: MCG-PC-01 High quality shielded powercable w/ Schuko to Powercon 6 meter
Price: € 29,-

Item: MCG-PC-02 High quality shielded powercable w/ Schuko to Powercon 9 meter
Price: € 39,-

Item: MCG-PC-03 Shielded powercable w/ Powercon to angled EURO 0.50 cm
Price: € 19,-

Item: MCG-PC-04 Shielded powercable w/ Powercon to angled EURO 0.80 cm
Price; € 25,-

Item: MCG-PC-05 Dual powersupply powercable w/ angled EURO Male to angled EURO Female 0.10 cm
Price; €20,-

Item: MCG-PC-06 Dual powersupply powercable w/ angled EURO Male to angled EURO Female 0.20 cm
Price; €22.50,-