When you’ve got so much pedals, or want to have an extra pedalboard at home or in your studio, but don’t directly need a flightcase or softcase, we can supply you with a spare board. This way you can create several setups, but you don’t have to storage all the cases and bags.
Moonspinner Custom Gear pedalboards come with at least 1 or 2 risers, but in some cases you might want to modify your board.
For example because you have a larger size pedal.
For example, you can remove the lower row and assemble a shorter riser to the board.
This way you create an extra deep surface and you can also use smaller riser there next to that empty space. Risers are available direct or through your dealer.
If you’re looking for a custom made riser, you could also contact us or your dealer.
We also sell our hard & softcases only, For if you decide that you want to have that extra pedalboard yet in a case or a bag.
Moonspinner Custom Gear also sells other useful tools and gadgets to have a maximum pleasure of your pedalboard.
Check the items below and find out what you actually always missed, but still could not get.
Also check the Electronic Gear and Cables, page to view more useful items, especially created for your pedalboard.

Spare pedalboards

Spare pedalboards in all our populair sizes, so you can easilly replace the pedalboard in your case or bag with another one.
Or install it ahome or in your studio, rehearsalroom, etc, etc.

Riser panel

Extra riserpanels and riserblocks are available at your dealer or directly at us.
To order please check support, and send us an e-mail.

MCG Pedalboard Protection Cover

There’s no such thing available for pedalboards, Although this costly equipment is just in front on stage, and very vulnerable to moisture.
Protect your pedalboard against beer, vomit, sweat, dandruff and all other kinds of liquid and dust, but stll use all the functions of your board.
Comes in two sizes to cover most of the pedalboards.
And the beauty is, you can still see the bright blue, red and green LEDs shine, and you can just keep switching everything! On and off, and on, and off…

MCG The Spatula

So, you installed your board, and you’re happy. Everything is sticking on the right location and won’t move anymore!!
But wait, you’re a guitarist. Which means you buy more and more pedals.
So, it’s time for a change on your board so now and then, and you start pulling and jerking….. No friction. Damn. You will damage your pedals when the Dual Lock stays on the board and pull of a little of the paint on the pedals.
Here’s the right solution!!
The MCG Spatula!!!
Check this instruction video (hyperlink) on how to make changing your pedals as easy as possible.
I’m sure you have one in your kitchen, but you don’t wanna argue with your partner, the next time she/he want’s to make you pancakes. So, you’ll buy a spare one, and save it with your pedalboard.
The MCG Spatula is available for only €3,50

Item specs Spare pedalboards & Parts

Pedalboard Only Lite 40 x 30 (Item: PBONLY-4030)
Boardsize 40 x 35 centimeter (15.75” x 11.80”)
Price €69,-
*Only available through your dealer.

Pedalboard Only 50 x 30 (Item: PBONLY-5030)
Boardsize 50 x 35 centimeter (19.68” x 11.80”)
Price €79,-
*Only available through your dealer.

Pedalboard Only 65 x 45 (Item: PBONLY-6045)
Boardsize 65 x 45 centimeter (25.59” x 17.72”)
Price €89,-
*Only available through your dealer.

Pedalboard Only 65 x 45 (Item: PBONLY-6045)
Boardsize 65 x 45 centimeter (25.59” x 17.72”)
Price €89,-
*Only available through your dealer.

Pedalboard Only 80 x 45 (Item: PBONLY-8045)
Boardsize 65 x 45 centimeter (31.50” x 17.72”)
Price €99,-
*Only available through your dealer.

Riser Panels
Item: PBRISER-2012 Riser panel 20 x 12 centimeter. €10,-
Item: PBRISER-3012 Riser panel 30 x 12 centimeter. €12,50
Item: PBRISER-4012 Riser panel 40 x 12 centimeter. €15,-,
Item: PBRISER-5012 Riser panel 50 x 12 centimeter. €17,50
* Custom Riser panels can be ordered. Starting at € 20,-

Riser Blocks
Item PBRISBL-1 Set Riserblocks 1 (height 2 cm / 1.18”) incl. screws. €7,50
Item PBRISBL-2 Set Riserblocks 2 (height 5 cm / 1.96”) incl. screws €9,50

Spare Pedalboard bag’s
Item MCG-PDBG-1 Pedalboard bag (maximum boardsize 40x30cm) € 79,-*
Item MCG-PDBG-2 Pedalboard bag (maximum boardsize 50x30cm) € 89,-**
Item MCG-PDBG-3 Pedalboard bag (maximum boardsize 65x45cm) €109,-**
* (Available from mid 2015!! Pre-order possible)
** (Available from early 2015!! Pre-order possible)

Spare Pedalboard hardcases
Item MCG-PDHC-1 Pedalboard hardcase (maximum boardsize 40x30cm) €165,-
Item MCG-PDHC-2 Pedalboard hardcase (maximum boardsize 50x30cm) €175,-
Item MCG-PDHC-3 Pedalboard hardcase (maximum boardsize 65x45cm) €219,-
Item MCG-PDHC-4 Pedalboard hardcase (maximum boardsize 65x45cm) €229,-
For custom orders please contact us or your dealer.
Pedalboard protection. (dust & water resistant)
Item MCG-PBCVR-1 Pedalboard cover 1 (maximum boardsize 50 x 40) € 29,-*
Item MCG-PBCVR-2 Pedalboard cover 1 (maximum boardsize 80 x 50) € 39,-*
* (Available from mid 2015!! Pre-order possible)

Item The MCG Spatula is available for only €3,50